Create Multiple GMail Accounts Using One Phone Number

Google account is basically the way to access all the Google’s services and products and most of them are absolutely free to use. Creating a Google account in is an easy process but one has to give out the personal information. This guide is meant to elaborate what you’ll need to do to get access to most of Google products.

When we want to create a new Gmail account using the site we need to give our phone number as it is required for verification in Gmail sign in process. It helps us protect our Google account by Hackers.

Why Google asks for verification using phone number

People have got some ambiguities like is there any limit set by Google to use one phone number in creation of many Gmail accounts? The Terms of Service shows any written statement or in any document that specifies the number of accounts can 1 user have? I’m going to make a new Gmail account as my back up account.

Gmail for sure allows more than one accounts using one phone number. The most important factor of using phone verification is when a user forgot his Gmail login password, the phone number helps to access that account.

Is there a limit on creating multiple accounts using one phone number? As I am using multiple Gmail accounts and created many accounted using one phone number, but here is a twist that Google allows multiple accounts with one phone number but its maximum limit is not more than 5 or 6 time we can create Gmail account with a single number.

To protect our users from hackers, Google sometimes ask its users to prove they’re not a robot as they are creating or sign in to accounts. This confirmation via phone is a way to keep spammers from hacking their systems.

Maximum number of accounts reached

There are numerous benefits of adding phone number for verification and Google limits the usage of same number in multiple accounts when it shows the massage “This phone number has already used the maximum number of accounts“. It’s reminds you that now it’s time to use a different phone number. With this limit, Google assures us to protect our account to abuse.

Here are few taps to create more than one Gmail Account with one Number

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