Gmail Update! Welcome to the new features of GMail

Gmail is ready to process new updates for its user in 2018 after a long drought of any major updates brought in to their whole Emailing system. Updates vary from how Gmail would now be in terms of its User interface, to its operations related to security and ease of use. The last major redesigning happened to take place back in 2011 which stretched till March of 2012, which included features like “Search” and more vast language input. However, this update was more ranged which we’ll be looking at categorically in terms of security, interface and how it’s been made more user-friendly.


In lieu of infamous email scandal linked with former Presidential contender Hillary Clinton, Gmail was determined to make it emailing more secure for its user. And so this time the most notable update brought in is confidential mode.

Confidential mode: will allow user to have more authority to the Emails he /she sends by restricting where Emails can be forwarded and received by. The feature will also enable user to restrict the content of email to be downloaded and printed. Further on an advance setting enables user to integrate SMS text authentication to restrict email being viewed as well.

In terms of other security related measures, Gmail has moved on from its previous SMTP protocols, which happened to be the base of the confidential mode aswell.It is also enabled with features such as “Red Bold Alert” to warn users of the threat, so as to reduce attacks such as Phishing and emails linked to scamming. Talking about preventive measures against scammers, Gmail will also Un-subscribe those email sources which you aren’t interacting with.


Previously Gmail interface included a conventional email filter viewing option on the left side of the screen.However this Gmail update will add another side bar on the right side of the screen which would serve as a Task list, which can add up Google Calendar and other plug-in available to it, allowing user to have ease of reminder and “to-do” list which you can avail by dragging and dropping Emails.

Also coming along in terms of interface and display is the “Attachment Chip” feature.
Attachment Chip feature will allow user to have a preview of attachment sent underneath subject lines, so to save your effort in opening up the attachment to have a view of it.

User-friendly updates: In terms of making gmail a more User-friendly platform, the service has decided to introduce four new features in its update. All of these update seem to make Gmail experience more concerned about ease of access and time management as well. The first feature we are going to talk about is “Native offline mode“. Previously this feature was limited to only executive or available through additional plug-in.

What this feature does is allow you to construct your emails even when in offline mode, and soon as you reconnect it auto-syncs your finalized email content to your email’s inbox.

Snooze: is another feature introduced which will auto-disable a message after a period of time.

Email prioritizing: This feature is meant to automatically notify users of Email they may consider important, with interruption being minimized a lot.While an option of “Smart reply” will also enable user to interact quickly on email through preset automated replies.

Nudge: Based on a very smart Artificial intelligence system, Gmail will now notify user to respond to emails that they may have passed or forgotten about.

All of these features will be available to users on both Web and application packages, while you can still enjoy them through your Email account by enabling the updates.

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