www.Gmail.com: GMail Login

To use www.gmail.com, you need to sign up for an account first. Gmail is the most famous and most used email service in the Asian continent as well as in the America.

Gmail Sign in & Gmail Sign up: You can create an account for free and use it from where ever you want. Just need to follow the few simple steps which are described below and you will get your Gmail login account in a few minutes.

Signing up for a Gmail account can give you access to use much more services than just mail box.

You can use Google maps, Play store (For android, to install games and applications on your device), Google Adwords for advertisement purpose and Google AdSense to earn from your website.

In this guide, you will be guided through the step by step process of creating a gmail account, its never been so easy before you just need to follow simple steps given below in order to get an account for google.

Creating www.GMail.com Account

To create the gmail.com account you need to visit the official web page of Google. (Be aware of the phishing pages, follow the official web page of Google). Follow the steps below for further.

  • If you have already opened the Official web page of Google then go to the sign up page. If you haven’t open this web page in Google: https://accounts.google.com/
  • In the right top corner, Click on the link that says “Create an account“. This will take you to the sign up page where you can fill the required information in order to get an account.

  • Once the page is opened, fill up the mandatory fields with the correct information.
  • While choosing password, keep in mind that you need to create an strong password for your account in order to not to get hacked or compromised. You can also use upper and lower case both letters with some characters and numbers in your password to make it more strong and hard to guess. But remember, you must remember your password. To keep remember your password you can do following things given in the two steps below
  • If you have a personal laptop or PC, you can save your account password in your browser. While Signing in to your account you can select the option “Save Password” that will save your password in the browser cache and you will not need to enter your password every time you signing in to your account. But make sure no one else uses your computer.
  • Create a sticky note on your personal laptop, one more option is that if you have a personal computer or laptop, you can create a sticky note on the desktop write your password there and leave it. If you don’t want to write full password just write the hint for the password there so that you will get remind what was it.
  • So coming back to the point, after the password you may asked for the alternative email address make sure to enter a valid and trusted contact. As this email will be used while recovering your account in case it gets messed up.
  • Select your country code, and enter your mobile phone number. Make sure to provide the correct phone number as it will be used for the verification.
  • Once you’ve filled up all the required fields, Click on the “Sign up” button and your account will be created.

Gmail.com – Sign in to your Account

To login to your gmail account, you need to have an active gmail account first, if you already have one then you can follow the guide below, if you don’t have an account yet follow the guide given above to safely create a free account for gmail.

  • First of all, go the official website of Gmail or open this link: https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin

  • Again in the right corner you will be having a link that says “Gmail Sign in“, click on that link and it will take you to the Gmail Login page.
  • Now you will need to enter your username or email address in this field. And then click “Continue“.
  • In the next step, enter the password for your account. Then click on “Sign in“.
  • If the information you have entered is correct, you will be logged in to your Gmail account.

Access Gmail.com using Mobile Device

There are two different options for using gmail account on your mobile phone. Using mobile application or by using mobile web browser.

Using mobile application you can follow the guide below,

By default, Gmail application is already installed on any android phone that supports Google Play services. In case, if not installed, you can go to the Play Store, then search for “Gmail” and tap on the very first application that appears in the list. Verify and install the application.

Now, there are two more options to sign in to gmail account on mobile application. First option is open your settings on your mobile phone and then go to “Accounts“, click on “Add Account” and then select Google. Enter the email address and password for your account and click “Sign in“. You will be logged in to your gmail account on each and every application on your mobile phone.

Secondly, is to open the any Google Application from your mobile phone home page and then select ‘Sign-in page‘ from the first option. Enter the credentials for your account and click ‘Next‘. That’s it you’re done!

Using mobile web browser follow the given guide,

  • Open any web browser on your android mobile phone, and go to the link to sign up for an account https://accounts.google.com/SignUp?hl=en-GB or to sign in to an account follow this link: https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin
  • Click on the ‘Sign in account‘ link.
  • Once the page is loaded enter the username and password for your Gmail account then click ‘Next‘.
  • If the information is correct you will be signed in to your Gmail account.

If you need further more assistance regarding the guide. You can follow the official guide or you can also discuss on the official Google forums.

How to create Gmail Account?

Secure your Gmail Account

Securing your Email account can be hassle at time considering how imperative it is to your existence and usage on internet. Your Email account is the essential base which turns in to make you sign up on different internet services like Social Media accounts, your formal mode of communication in the organization you work or communicate any business proposals to any client or partners you seek, further it mostly holds the most important private information such as bank deposit info or the things you might have recently bought online and their tracking.

Hence, your Email is pretty much the back-bone to your online activities, and so it is important to take every measure to secure it as possible you can. Before we get into securing part, we’ll first look into threats that your Email might be prone to getting attacked.

How can your Gmail Email security be compromised?

Email security is always prone to new kind of threats every time however there are some re-known and well recognized threats that you might be in knowledge of.

Malware: Can utilize Email to penetrate into sensitive information through software installation. Basically malware can be encoded with any kind of file you use on your computer like PDFs, Docx, PPTs etc.

Spam: These are mostly Emails that get sent to you inform of commercial adverts or proposals, they also compromise your Email once you go through the links provided in those emails.

Phishing: One method which involves deceptive login pages where if you place your details, might just access your main Email accounts.

These are some example of intentional attacks on your Email, but another case of compromise is an unintentional access to your Email by a personal.

Ways to secure your Gmail account as much as you can:

Concrete Password:

One of the basic and first steps is to have a strong and not easily deciphered password. There are some simple steps into it, which are usually mentioned during sign-up procedure like use of Upper and lower case alphabets, numbers. Also make sure, the password is not involving any figure or thing which can be easily associated with you and thought of.

2 Step Verification of Gmail:

Gmail provides its own panel of customization into Gmail account through a step based option which makes all preventive measures to secure your Gmail account. To avail this, visit Settings in your Gmail account where you would be able to find 2 STEP verification option to secure your account. 2 step usually involves 5 elements through which account is made secure.

In the very first step of this you would be asked to first authenticate your account via Password or code that can be easily asked from Gmail on your mobile device through Text message or phone call. Once you are done with this you would be able to customize and go through all five elements which initially starts with first managing and reviewing all the devices through which your Gmail account was being accessed.

You can here restrict your or open up your account to desirable devices in your reach and security. You can then be asked to add a device on which you would receive codes for verification just in-case you forget your password or your account security gets compromised. The remaining steps or methods it may require is setting up Ten-digit backup codes or use of “Google Authentication App”, for codes when mobile or device is in offline mode. In addition Gmail also suggests use of “Security device”, which is one tangible means inform of login device to secure your Gmail login account.

Other preventive measure while signing up can also include use of a good security question which again cannot be deciphered easily by any other person other than you. So these were some ways through Gmail’s own platform through which you can secure your www.Gmail.com account, while there is always more room for better measures one can take to secure his/her account.